• Ballesteros, A. zk-SNARKs Analysis and Implementation on Ethereum. 2020. Honourable mention. [Details] [Document]

    Tags: Zero Knowledge Proofs, SNARK, Quadratic Arithmetic Programs, Arithmetic Circuits, Verifiable Computation, Blockchain, Ethereum.

  • Ballesteros, A. Decentralized Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Provider. Not GDPR compliant. 2018. [Source code]

    Tags: Blockchain, Decentralized Application, Ethereum, Self-Sovereign Identity, Identity Provider.

  • Ballesteros, A. Development of a portability model based on identifiers managed by Identity Providers. 2017. Original idea: Extension of mobile portability to Emails (Project granted by Eleven Paths - Telef√≥nica Digital). [Document not available]

    Tags: Blockchain, Ethereum, Self-Sovereign Identity, Identity Provider, Service Provider.